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The Best Coffee Shop In Longmont

Best Coffee Shop In Longmont - La Vita Bella Coffeehouse

It’s official. We knew that we were awesome, of course. It was just a matter of time before the rest of Longmont figured it out.

Well, now you have – and at the risk of sounding humble, which is not really our thing, we wanted to say thank you.

We appreciate your reviews, we appreciate your business, and we deeply appreciate that you have voted us the Best Coffee Shop in Longmont – on Google, on The Longmont Compass, on UrbanSpoon, and joint-top on Yelp. (No link for them, because they’re actually kinda mean.)

We really do love making great coffee. And we really do love our customers. Not in a romantic way, that would be weird, but we love that they come in and spend their money here. Is that love? Or is that just mercenary? Are we terrible people? Should we just NOT?

Nah. But seriously, thanks again. The fact that you like what we do makes it worth getting out of bed at 5am. Sometimes.

La Vita Bella Coffee, Longmont

La Vita Bella in Longmont is a great coffee shop that has the potential to ruin all other coffeehouses for life!
Welcome to our coffee shop in Longmont! We look forward to seeing you soon.
We’re a coffeehouse with a sense of humor. With a commitment to creativity. And with a really freaking great Arabica/Ethiopian Espresso blend.

Here you’ll find outstanding beverages, cakes and treats, as well as friendly and interesting baristas, and plenty of live events and performances. Check our our Facebook page for regular updates, gigs, specials and so on.

We’re proud to be part of the Longmont community, and we hope you’ll enjoy being part of our family too.

Oh, Be Clever

Oh Be Clever at La Vita Coffee in Longmont Colorado UPDATE – Independent Music News reported today that Oh, Be Clever’s debut single is on repeat at their offices.

Weird name. Amazing band. This incredible indie-electro duo is currently touring venues in California, Arizona, and heads off to Austin after visiting us. Their sound is genuinely astonishing – listen, these guys are going to be filling the Pepsi Center in three years. Really, they’re that good. Listen to their demo, it’s the first song on the SoundCloud player on any interior page, or just CLICK HERE.

This gig will be a benefit for Legacy of Learning, a non-profit empowering at-risk youth through education. Kids who don’t graduate High School have far fewer chances in life to fulfill their potential – Legacy helps them catch up in school, giving them the opportunity to have the future they deserve. Donations at the door would be greatly appreciated.

Come EARLY for this one – it’s going to be a packed house!

Are We Open?

Yes! Cake and coffee! Yum!

La Vita Nuova

Zuck It.


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Children Use Made-Up Words



Rotten Luck
Our 'coffee' comes in a 'cup' that you 'drink' with your 'mouth'.variations You can have 'small', 'medium', or 'large'.

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Upcoming Events At La Vita Bella Longmont

Special This Week

image Come and try a free sample of our legendary chocolate cake, featuring our home-made ganache. To be honest, if you don't like it, it's not us - it's you. You're weird. This product is 25% OFF all week.
image We are currently featuring an Ethiopian / Arabica bean blend for our Espresso drinks. It has floral notes, a wild side, and a fruity bouquet. Or, as we prefer to say, it's awesome coffee.
image We can cater, if you really, really ask nicely. And only if homeless kittens get half the cakes. And small, wide-eyed puppies get the other half. Fine, we'll make cakes for realtors too.

Meet Your Barista

  • Chris
  • Ku
  • Kaylene
  • Erin
chris is the owner of la vita bella coffee house in longmont colorado and a big fan of the a team Want to read about the REAL Chris? Read More
Ku is a barista at La Vita Bella coffee in downtown Longmont. He has amazing hair. Want to read about the REAL Ku? Read More
Kaylene is a vital member of the team at La Vita Bella in Longmont and makes an awesome Espresso. Want to read about the REAL Kaylene? Read More
Erin is a barista at the awesome coffeehouse La Vita Bella, which is on 5th and Main in Longmont. She likes cats. Want to read about the REAL Erin? Read More